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Do it The Kendo Way


Even the best plans will not deliver outcomes without good execution

“Objectives need to be robust for successful execution.  An objective is a problem that the organisation, a team or an individual that needs a solution. Responsibility is given to an individual who may undertake execution themselves or call on others to contribute to the solution.  The execution of the objective delivers the solution and like they say, “if it’s not measured it doesn’t matter”. Milestones need to be developed for each objective and progress towards these pulse checked regularly.”


The Kendo Way

Kendo uses a refined approach to SMART objective setting. This provides a definition of success for all individuals throughout the organisation and links objectives ensuring strategic alignment and accountability.  Our approach ensures agility and a culture of accountability. Kendo is focused on outcomes and not inputs.

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Personalising Employee Experience is critical to motivating people.

“Intrinsic motivation, coming from somewhere deep inside, has a greater impact on performance and commitment than monetary rewards and benefits. People are different and have different needs and drivers. Allowing individuals to self-manage their work and growth around their specific capabilities and needs provides autonomy and greater ownership.”


The Kendo Way

Kendo empowers individuals to define their role and responsibilities, what their objectives will be, and based on their talent profile, their growth goals. While all this is agreed to be their manager, the individual can plan their career and individual development and measure this regularly with pulse checks.

Performance inspired.